Live Video From Major Chemical Plant Explosion In Waxahachie, TX

From NBCDFW: "A massive fire is burning at Magnablend chemical plant in Waxahachie. The company has three facilities in Waxahachie and the fire is at the Central Facility at 1601 state Highway 287 Bypass just east of Interstate 35E. According to their website, the chemical company has 80,000 gallons of bulk liquid storage at the facility. The fire is very intense and moving beyond the property and into an adjacent field toward the Ellis County campus of Navarro College. A fire truck in the parking lot managed to keep the fire from spreading to the building.  The college was evacuated immediately after the fire broke out. The fire continues to push toward a train loaded with tankers stopped on the tracks. A fire truck at the property was engulfed by the fire as it spread quickly across the ground." Watch the live video below.