Long End Decouples On Risk Of Constant Central Planning Failure

Treasuries have rallied on the hope being handed out by Bernanke, recovering overnight losses after gains from last week moving more Goldman muppets back into pain. What's different this time from last week's rally is the notable underperformance of the long-end relative to the front-end. While still red from Friday's close, 2s through 7s are almost back to unchanged and 4-5bps off overnight high yields. 30Y however is still +4.5bps and only 1.5bps off the high yields overnight. 2s10s30s has fallen notably (which should be risk-negative) but for now - all the equity market can see is a centrally planned equity market rally to float all boats. It seems to us that the long-end remains stuck in the mud on long-run worries over the print-big-of-go-home attitude that was just reaffirmed.


Chart: Bloomberg