Market Surges As Petulant Fed Dissenter Promises ZIRP To Last Longer Than Mid-2013

As expected the latest spike in the market is on nothing more than a central planner usurping the role of the Fed and making it appear that the Doves are in charge. In this case it is the first Dovish dissenter on the FOMC in years, Chicago Fed's Evans who just petulantly said that he expects the policy rate to stay low for longer than mid-2013. Indeed, the guy who got slapped down by none other than Bernanke forcing him to "dissent" is now making his outlier opinion seem to be fact. That this is identical in credibility to Hoenig saying that he expects the Fed to hike the rate to 4.5% by the end of the year is irrelevant: the market has smelt liquidity blood and is in a frenzy for a few more minutes until the realization that the only variable here, the ECB, has just said it will not monetize.