Meanwhile In San Diego...

... Keynesianism is already having an effect after all 1.4 million customers of SDGE are currently without power. We expect the president to announce he will rebuild all the lost electricity any minute now. We also expect half the S&P will blame their missed earnings on the "Great SoCal blackout of 2011"

From the LA Times:

San Diego utility officials said they are trying to figure out what caused a massive power outage affecting large parts of region.


"We understand power is out, we are working on the cause and solution. We do not have a restoration time yet," San Diego Gas and Electric said in a statement on its Twitter feed.


Across San Diego, businesses are closed, traffic is snarled and the trolley system is down. San Diego International Airport was on backup generators.


There were reports that power was also out in southern Orange County, Imperial County, Tijuana, Arizona and Palm Springs.


The city of San Diego has set up its emergency operations center.


Sheriff's officials told Fox 5 San Diego that many of its substations were without power. Utility officials are trying to figure out what cause the outage.

And from the SGDE website:

There’s a major power outage in the region. SDG&E crews are working as quickly and safely as possible. We don’t have an estimated restoration time. The power could be out through the night and into tomorrow. The outage has affected street lights. Please drive safely and treat the street lights as a four-way stop. If you have a personal family emergency plan, please activate it now.