Meet The People Bringing You Currency Manipulation On A Daily Basis

Today's aggressive intervention by various monetary authorities to prevent the Swiss Franc from trading anywhere close to its fair value (yes "intervention", the same that happens each day in other capital markets, like stocks and commodities, read gold) reminded us once again that it is always and only a central planner's world. Yet while it is easy to assume there is some big black box doing all this manipulation, the truth is that the decision chain ultimately ends with carbon-based lifeforms, who push the buy or sell button, respectively: i.e., the human element. Which is why we wanted to present our readers the decision making chain expressed in flesh and blood terms, namely the people who over and over demonstrate to the market just who is in control.


So how did this happen? Well it all started with this guy.

Who works for this guy.

Who works for this guy...

Who in turn works for this guy, who runs the whole place.


And that's it. If you ever run into these gentlemen on the street, please thank them - after all, nobody has to make any market decisions any more. The 4 people above do it all for you. And they are smart. Some even have Ph.D's.

h/t Ron