Mega Millions Lottery Pattern Generator "Hot Tip"

With the Mega Millions jackpot hitting $500 million, there are those hoping they can still get lucky with 1 in 176 million odds, following a rumor that Greece has used IMF (that coming from US Taxpayers) bailout cash to buy out the entirely ticket inventory and slowly but surely pretend it is growing its economy, even as the money ends up in some private villa in the Aegean. So for those lucky ones who have gotten tickets but have yet to pick numbers, and since in this bizarro world past performance is absolutely a guarantee of future repeat occurrence (but please neither try nor quote us on this at home kids), here is the full breakdown of the white ball distribution in all Mega Millions lotteries since June 2005. If past is prologue, a selection of numbers 48, 36, 53, 12 and 51, and Megaball 36 should do the trick, as these are the ones that have been selected for most in the past 6 years. And no, we have not conducted any serious statistical p-value or other analysis on this data. We just know that the Chairman wants as many people to have as much fiat in their pockets as possible: after all what better way to increase the velocity of money than everyone suddenly being a lottery millionaire, and any possible way to front run the Fed should be fully embraced. Because Mega Millions is the one place where nobody expects the Chairman to manipulate the final outcome. At least not yet.

White ball frequency distribution:

Mega Ball distribution:

h/t Matt


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