More 'Like' Obama Even As They Admit Romney Better For Economy, Gallup Finds

With the polls apparently seeing it all tied up at 46-46 (and heading into the period when McCain and Obama diverged so strongly in 2008), a recent Gallup poll brings up the age-old question of whether the electorate will vote with their hearts or their wallets. Only in a Facebook-world; but 54% 'like' Obama versus 31% 'like' Romney but this huge social-network-factor disappears when asked who will better handle the economy - 52% believe Romney will be better for the economy as opposed to 43% believing in Obama. Of course none of that matters if the market remains up here.

Like vs Love?



And it is this time of year when these differences start showing up... In 2008, McCain and Obama were also tied...


Charts: Gallup