Mr Pink Is Back: Dan Loeb Joins Steve Wynn, Launches All Out Attack On Classwarfaremongerer-In-Chief

Ah, it sure is good to have good old Mr. Pink back "The budget is not the only thing in deficit today, as a paucity of leadership has left the country without a stable framework in which businesses can conduct business, investors can invest, and consumers can consume without a high degree of uncertainty and fear. Politically charged statements and brinkmanship have served to deepen divisiveness between the parties and led to confusion and fear among citizens. There has been much said about who is allegedly the "adult in the room," but President Obama has yet to speak to Americans as adults, insisting instead on his preferred technique - stirring up class warfare. Scaring senior citizens about the possibility of not receiving their Social Security and Medicare checks, lambasting the corporate jet industry, and calling for higher taxes on managers of private partnerships is not a constructive approach to handling a complex multi-trillion dollar problem that will have a multi-generational impact." Read on below.



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