Norway Spreading: Luxembourg Under Bomb Alert Lock Down

Norway's tragic episode from two weeks ago may be starting to spread. Next target: the heart of the Eurozone: Luxembourg. From "There was great commotion in Luxembourg City between Place Guillaume II and the Grand Ducal Palace just before 3pm on Wednesday with police arriving en-mass. According to information obtained by from the police, at 2:40pm bomb threats located at points were announced by an unknown caller on “Place Guillaume II with explosives hidden near the bank, at the post office building, at the main station and in the underground Aldringen Centre”.  The bomb threats sparked a major police operation. reporters and several readers at the scene state that many armed police in protective clothing are performing searches. A canine unit with dogs specialised in bomb detection were also at the scene. The traffic in the City which is particularly dense around the Place Guillaume II, has come almost to a complete standstill and many streets blocked. At the time of writing this update (4:30pm) the station area is still blocked off. If you are travelling through the City expect disruption for the next few hours." We will bring more as we see it.


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