NYSE Short Interest Soars By Most Since March 2009 S&P Lows, Highest Shorting Since June 2010

For anyone wondering why the biggest drivers of intraday moves in the stock market are furious short covering squeezes which have led the S&P to have daily fluctuations that make a mockery of the Fed's prerogative for "price stability", here is your answer. On August 15, short interest in the NYSE soared by over 1 billion shares compared to the end of July: this is the highest gross short interest since June 15, 2010, and the biggest increase biweekly increase in NYSE short interest since the S&P's plunge to 666 in March of 2009. If the central planners pull something out of their sleeve, and the short interest plunges to recent averages in the mid 13 billion share level, expect some even more furious short covering sprees to send the S&P much higher on an intraday basis.

Elsewhere, indicating that even following the current rout, the bulk of investors had negative net worth, and margin debt was near historic highs, comes again from the NYSE which shows that in July margin debt was unchanged from June, as was net investor worth. We keep waiting to find out just how it is that virtually no hedge fund blow ups have been announced despite margin debt being at such high historic levels.