Obama Better Prepared To Handle Alien Invasion, Poll Finds

The two presidential candidates may be neck and neck in most (un)popularity polls, and according to some metaphorical sources are even the same person just with different Wall Street backers, but when it comes to the critical topic of resisting an alien invasion, Obama is far better prepared, according to two thirds of the population.

From Politico:

Americans may be split on which presidential candidate can fix the economy, but President Barack Obama trounces Mitt Romney in one out-of-this-world scenario — an alien invasion. The majority of Americans, nearly 65 percent, say Obama is better suited than Romney to handle an alien invasion, according to a new National Geographic Channel poll, USA Today reports.


The survey, conducted to promote “Chasing UFOs,” a TV series premiering Friday, also found that almost eight in 10 people, 79 percent, believe the government has kept information about UFOs a secret from the public. In addition, 55 percent believe agents similar to those played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the film “Men in Black” — their mission is to hide information about extraterrestrial beings — actually exist.


Meanwhile, more than a third of Americans, 36 percent, believe UFOs exist.

Now there is a discoonect here: as most readers know very well, Keynesian Plan Z for America is to fold like a lawn chair when ET starts shooting, and to have the planet literally leveled and all "windows broken", with the resulting surge in GDP leading the world to a new Golden Age. Sadly for the high priest of Keynsianomics, Paul Krugman, this plan would require a president who is willing to immediately wave the white flag when faced with a UFO invasion.

If Obama indeed is capable of repelling an armada of little green men, then the world truly is doomed.

Then again, there really is no need to worry.