The Official Statements Resume: Harry Reid Issues Lament On Republican Insistence For Short Term Hikes

Here is the first official statement of the night, this time from Nevada democrat Harry Reid (and with $41 million in career campaign contributions, well-paid we should add) who basically recaps the McConnell/Pelosi stance, and says that the Boehner position, which supposedly requires short-term debt ceiling hikes, is a "non-starter in the Senate and with the President.

"Tonight, talks broke down over Republicans' continued insistence on a short-term raise of the debt ceiling, which is something that President Obama, Leader Pelosi and I have been clear we would not support. A short-term extension would not provide the certainty the markets are looking for, and risks many of the same dire economic consequences that would be triggered by default itself. Speaker Boehner's plan, no matter how he tries to dress it up, is simply a short-term plan, and is therefore a non-starter in the Senate and with the President.


"In an effort to reach a bipartisan compromise, we are putting together a $2.7 trillion deficit reduction package that meets Republicans' two major criteria: it will include enough spending cuts to meet or exceed the amount of a debt ceiling raise through the end of 2012, and it will not include revenues. We hope Speaker Boehner will abandon his 'my way or the highway' approach, and join us in forging a bipartisan compromise along these lines."


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