The Olympic Evolution Of The World's Fastest Men

With 40 minutes trading left, stock trading volume is so abysmal (we will present the final tally shortly) one would be forgiven to think that not even the Knight algo is giving today's stock levitation the old plunge protection college try. And as warned yesterday, expect the balance of the week to be just as lethargic - meaning banks will have no choice but to take out even more competitors as fundamentally, in the absence of end trading demand, one has to remove supply: by any means necessary. So in a complete tangent, and in light of last night's latest Olympic record in the 100 M spring by Jamaica's Usain Bolt, below we show the evolution of gold medals in the Men's Olympic sprint. The Y axis is not logarithmic, and as such the growth is not quite up to par with Moore's Law, but the ever faster sprint is unmissable, and makes one wonder at what point will human speed top out, or will new, improved and completely undetectable stimulants keep pushing homo sapiens until such point as one cross the finish line before the starter pistol has even gone off.


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