$10 Trillion In 2 years - 'Over' Abundant Liquidity And Expectations

A funny thing happened while we all waited for the Fed to announce QE3. The rest of the world did it for them. Courtesy of Bloomberg's excellent Economics Brief, and the n'th time, here is what a multi-trillion dollar liquidity expansion looks like even with the Fed running silent. And this is also what $10 trillion in 2 years pumped into the markets looks like. Wonder where the market gets its "spring step" from? Now you know. Thank you Economist PhD's!


We do note that EUR strength recently (as the ECB appears done for now) and the acceleration of asset prices in Europe (bank stocks, credit etc.) appear to have done a good job of discounting the next LTRO already - and in fact are starting to retrace as LTRO 2 expectations are ratcheted back from the cajillion EUR level as the stigma continues to rise, ECB members raise concerns over dependency (banks are not forced to delever and also will not re-engage in the inter-bank lending market), and just like last year perhaps the ECB will hike rates to stall inflation fears (thinking of all-time record local currency gas prices as transitory is hard after a persistent 3 year trend higher).


Charts: Bloomberg