Paulson Flagship Fund Loses More Than Half Of AUM In 2011

Over a week ago Zero Hedge broke the news that Paulson's Advantage Plus fund was down more than 50% for the year. Today, Reuters has finally confirmed what our disgruntled throat (don't disparage those who express contrarian opinions just because they refuse to brown nose) reported way back when. "There will be no holiday cheer for hedge fund manager John Paulson this month, as his dismal performance in 2011 is capped off by another miserable performance so far in December. The Paulson & Co.'s Advantage Plus fund, which has been the firm's worst performer all year, is down another 9 percent through December 16, sending yearly losses to about 52 percent, according to a person familiar with the numbers. The Paulson Advantage fund, the firm's largest portfolio, is also hurting again this month, declining about 6 percent. The fund is down about 36 percent year-to-date." Of course, those who follow us would know there was a reason for our increased derision over the past 10 days.