Paulson's Biggest Fund Cut In Half

A few days ago we suggested that based on ongoing losses in the portfolio of Paulson & Co, the biggest fund of the firm, Advantage Plus, is down a massive 50% YTD. A few hours ago, Absolute Return confirmed that the firm which has stepped on virtually every single possible landmine year to date, has had its AUM cut if not exactly in half, then surely close enough for Keynesian work, at -47%. And with that the speculations of an imminent terminal redemption event coupled with liquidations of the firm's gold share class (its GLD holdings) will resume, although the one thing unclear is whether Paulson has already sold off the bulk of his winners. We are confident we will learn the answer as soon as Monday.

And also:

  • Paulson Credit Opportunity:-11.86% (-18.13%)
  • Paulson [very appropriately named] Recovery Fund:-14.25% (-31.33%)
  • Paulson Gold: -16.35% (1.34%)


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