Perfectly Forgettable $35 Billion 5 Year Auction Closes Despite Another Record Low Yield

The only memorable outcome of today's $35 billion 5 Year bond auction was that the yield plunged to a new all time low, nearly 30% below the July auction, printing at 1.029% compared to 1.58% before. With the When Issued trading at 1.03%, this was an "on the screws" type of auction with absolutely no surprise at all embedded. The Bid To Cover was modestly week compared to LTM, at 2.71, below the 12 auction average of 2.81. Take down was again skewed toward Direct Bidders, as Indirects accounted for 42.1%, Dealers for 44%, and Directs taking home 13.9% of the total. As yesterday's 2 Year, this was yet another snoozer, allowing the government to fund $35 billion in deficits at a record low cost. And as long as the rates remain here, the Treasury will issue as much debt as it can to prefund trillions of future deficits at the lowest possible price, regardless of what the CBO says.


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