As Polls Close, Follow The Super Tuesday Results

Those curious in tonight's episode of soothing political theater which gives the peasantry the illusion they are in control of something, anything, can quench their thirst for GOP primary irrelevancy at the following real time update (as we learn Newt Gingrich has already been proclaimed winner of the Georgia Primary, and Romney gets Virginia where the only other candidates was Ron Paul). As a reminder, as it has been said that the only candidate who will lower America's debt during his tenure will get no coverage, and certainly no votes, so it shall be. Diebold approves of this message.

Here is Google with the traditional best coverage of the data

Google on the most searched GOP candidate:

Which candidate has been the source of search interest in the past few days:

And since by now we hope all our readers can purchase a TV on their limitless EBT card courtesy of the upcoming Obama fiscal stimulus known as "Free Money In Perpetuity for Everyone (who votes for me)", we leave them the option of tuning in to their favorite distributor of propaganda.