Presenting Europe's Remaining 2011 Bond And Bill Auctions... All 104 Of Them

The primary reason for today's (and last week's) dramatic overnight market weakness was the fact that several auctions, either Italian, or Spanish, went off about as badly as they possibly could. But luckily that's over, right: all the auctions in the near term are over and there is nothing to worry about for at least a few more days so traders don't have to get up at 3 am Eastern to see just how abysmally bad the latest Italian Bill issuance was? Uhm, no. Below we present the balance of Europe's bond auctions for November, for December... oh, and Bills as well, because apparently issuing 3 Month paper in Europe is about as difficult as selling 30 Years. They are, give or take, 104. Good luck sleeping.

November Bond Auctions:

December Bond Auctions:

Remaining 2011 Bill Auctions:

Source: Barclays


And then we have...