Presenting The Latest Hedge Fund Hotel: These Are The Most Beloved Stocks By Hedge Funds At September 30

Every quarter, Goldman's David Kostin conveniently compiles a list of the 50 stock that "matter the most" to hedge funds, which is simply a polite way to define the "hedge fund hotel", or the companies which are expected to generate the most alpha. As the name implies these are the names that more so than the S&P 500, or the Nasdaq, determine the fate of Wall Street's richest, because while bankers may comprise the 0.1%, hedge funders constitute the 0.0001%. Why is this list significant? Because just like gold has a liquidation threat associated to it each and every day as it is the item to be sold when the margin calls start, at some point even the gold runs out, and funds will be forced to sell their paper winners, the bulk of which can be found in the top ten places on the list below. Which is why, like last quarter, we caution anyone still long AAPL, GOOG and MSFT. When the trapdoor opens, it is the top 3 stocks on this list that will get hit the most as those who were first, become last.