Quantifying Animal Spirits

If you have ever wanted to "quantify" animal spirits, yet lacked the sheer imagination of how to goal seek an infinite array of numbers into a tidy little "ready for clients" package, despair not, for here is Citi, with the appropriately named "Quantifying Animal Spirits" in which Vikram's bank tries "to quantify this effect by looking and measuring periods when the market is focused on a small handful of broad (often macro-oriented) themes rather than “fundamental” analysis. Though not always apparent, these shifts in focus can have profound implications for alpha and risk." While the report is about as useful as parsing binary voodoo entrails through the magic punch card-based 8 ball of a Princeton economist, it sure does provide for some candid laughs at what passes for "analysis" at the bank which, while falling about as much as BofA (and which Paulson is still three quarters pregnant with) in recent weeks, has seen hardly a peep out of any media outlet: captured or otherwise.



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