Quotes Of The Week... And Friday Humor

For our quote of the week, we go to the man who almost brutally cut the meal between breakfast and brunch (it was formerly supposed to be German demand #39 for Greece, but was mysteriously cut in the final draft) in the name of fiscal austerity and setting a shining example of calorific sacrifice. We repeat almost. Quote Busineweek: "No one pays attention to the activation of the CDS." Venizelos told lawmakers in comments broadcast live on state-run Vouli TV........   :0

But wait there is more.

As our bonus quote of the week, we go to the man who, speaking of eating, just slurped right back up the very same toxic vomit that blew up the prior iteration of his company, after the NYT earlier announced that AIG has now repurchased $2 billion of the same bonds (read Maiden Lane II) that blew up not only it but the entire financial system, from the same Fed that bailed it out by force buying these bonds from AIG in the first place. The same bailed out AIG which yesterday disclosed it will never pay taxes to the US Treasury ever again. Couretesy of Fox Business: "American International Group CEO Robert Benmosche spoke with FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Neil Cavuto about the government bailout of AIG in 2008 and the health of the company today after releasing their fourth quarter earnings. When asked if the government would bail out banks as they did during the financial crisis today, Benmosche said “I don’t think we would.” He went on to say “the financial system today is sounder than ever before.

Poor George Santayana is spinning at 852 quadrillion RPM in his grave.