Rand Paul Detained In Nashville For Refusing Full Body Pat Down

The political news on this slowish Monday morning comes courtesy of the TSA and those who object to their policies, such as in this case Senator Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, who has just been detained for refusing a full body pat down. This should teach Rand Paul to not accept Wall Street (and/or Warren Buffett) donations of free NetJets hours.

Source: Ron Paul twitter account

Bloomberg has some more:

  • Irregularities during screening must be resolved before passenger can proceed to secure area of airport, TSA says
  • Paul underwent screening by millimeter wave imaging technology; targeted pat down is procedure for resolving alarms from scan, TSA says
  • Paul tells AP he was “detained” in a small cubicle, missed his flight to Washington, situation reflects concern TSA shouldn’t be “spending so much time with people who wouldn’t attack us”

From Reuters:

Republican Senator Rand Paul, son of presidential candidate Ron Paul, was detained on Monday by security officials at an airport in Nashville, Tennessee, an aide said.


Press secretary Moira Bagley wrote in a Twitter message that the senator told her at 10 a.m. EST, that he was being "detained by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in Nashville."


Ron Paul, a congressman and Republican presidential hopeful, tweeted that his son was being detained for refusing a full-body pat-down "after anomaly in body scanner."

Something tells us the TSA budget is about to be severely curtailed...