RBS Pays $1.9 Million To Learn The Difference Between "Discount" And "Price"

Today's ISDA settlement auction process for the Dynegy CDS credit event offers some perspective on the smartest of the smart of our dealer community. Bloomberg notes that RBS was forced to pay a $1.9mm penalty for massively missing the inside bid-offer at the initial auction. In our humble opinion, it would appear that the CDS trading desk got their math wrong and posted a discount (1-R) instead of the Price they were willing to trade the deliverable bonds at. Their 29.5/31.5 bid/offer would invert to a much more reasonable 68.5/70.5 perfectly straddling the $69.5 initial midpoint of the auction. We suspect the RBS pink slips were flying rather fast on this mathematical error... Although since the BLS also works on a 1-R basis, this means that initial jobless claims will be one less for the week.

(h/t SH)