Record Low Yield At 7 Year Auction, Second Highest Bid To Cover Ever Sends Total US Debt Over $15.1 Trillion

As the panic from the busted German 10 Year auction earlier has settled, the money has gone to the last "safe" place for fiat (until the world wakes up to the fact that the "US is not Germany" and comprehends that it actually is) and flooded today's final of the week $29 billion 7 Year auction. The auction was a massive success: it priced at 1.415%, the lowest yield ever, and well inside of the WI which was trading at 1.44%. Not only that but the Bid To Cover soared from 2.59 to 3.20, the second highest ever except for May's 3.24. The internals were a little shaky, with Directs taking down a record 18.85%, and Indirects responsible for 39.88% (the balance going immediately to repoing Dealers). Still there is no denying it: when the panic is palpable, the last safe place for the time being are US bonds. And with that auction, total US debt, which was at $15.042 trillion, has now been pushed above $15.1 trillion a few days after we passed $15 trillion for the first time ever, once the $60 billion in new debt issued this week settles. As a reminder, the debt ceiling currently is at $15.194 trillion, which means there is about two auctions worth of issuance left before the US has to deal with the whole temporary debt ceiling hike all over again - luckily it will be merely a Senate vote (democrat controlled), so there will be no full blown scandal. The scandal will come soon enough.


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