Redrawing The Exter Pyramid: Paul Mylchreest's Latest Observations On The Flow Of Funds And More

From Paul Mylchreest's latest Thunder Road Report:

I’ve redrawn Exter’s pyramid to show how I see the flow of funds out of all kinds of “paper” assets, like cash and deposits, all varieties of debt obligations, and derivatives into real money, i.e. physical gold and silver (and the related equities – although that is a source of great pain for me at the moment). Even gold and silver ETFs which are either un-backed or where the backing is questionable (and we all know which ones) could come to grief. Look at Eric Sprott’s gold and silver ETFs which are  trading at premiums of 2.1% and 19.4%, respectively. Investors believe that Eric Sprott is an honest man and his funds really do own the gold and silver bullion they claim. Other funds trade at a discount. While Bernanke may not be quite as stupid as he sounds, it’s important to realize that many powerful bankers and politicians, and the more powerful people behind them, are far from stupid. You would be naïve if you didn’t believe that the end game is as obvious to them as it is to us. The most powerful of these people are long-term planners and skilled at turning crises to their own advantage. Indeed, the modus operandi, used time and time again, is best summarized as: PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION.

Much more in the full report: