Revised Q3 GDP Drops By 20% To 2.0%, Misses Expectations Of 2.5% By 2 Standard Deviations

So much for the miraculous inventory expansion. JPM's Michael Feroli was spot on: the strategist who predicted a significantly below par revised Q3 GDP print of 2.0%, was right on the dot. Advance GDP dropped from 2.5% to 2.0%, missing expectations of an unchanged print. The impact was entirely due to Inventories detracting from growth, with the Private Inventory number declining from -1.08% to -1.55%. And to those expecting a surge in Q4 GDP based on inventory restocking, which would be virtually all Wall Street economists who missed today's number by 2 standard deviations, we have one thing to say: it ain't happening. In fact, liquidations are coming first, fast and furious with Personal Consumption coming at 2.3%, and missing estimates. Needless to say futures, are not happy.

And this is why the lemmings get paid the big bucks, courtesy of Bloomberg: