Ron Paul Raises $1.8 Million In 24 Hour "Birthday" Fund Raiser

Our congratulations and belated birthday wishes to Ron Paul, who yesterday raised a sizable $1.8 million in a "money bomb" fund raiser in under 24 hours. As a reminder this is merely an appetizer of what Paul's loyalists can do, considering back in 2007 Paul raised over $6 million in the same time frame. Nonetheless, we find it ironic that the very same fiat confetti that Bernanke prints with reckless abandon is the same that will be used to hopefully one day end the tyranny of central banking.

Press release:

Ron Paul Campaign’s Money Bomb Tops $1.8 Million 


Strong finish for one day online fundraising


Business Wire


LAKE JACKSON, Texas -- August 22, 2011


Over the weekend, 2012 Republican presidential contender Ron Paul scored big as his campaign’s 24 hour fundraising event finished with over $1.8 million in small individual donations. Paul’s campaign has now cracked the million-dollar mark in one day fundraising four times.


“Our campaign is truly surging, and this is just more evidence of the strength of our grassroots support,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “We’ve just come off of an impressive finish in the Iowa straw poll, and our rising poll numbers and strong fundraising proves our message is resonating with people.”


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