San Diego Power Outage Update

No, it's not some zombie Enron coming back from the graveyard behind Chapter 7 court. Nor is it the terrorizers. It is just some downed powerlines. However for anyone dumb enough to wish to take advantage of the chaos and immigrate: sorry, the border is running on backup generators.

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From NBC San Diego:

An SDG&E official just stated, "We expect power to be out well into the night and into tomorrow in some areas."

A transmitter line between Arizona and California was severed, causing both major connections in the region, causing the outage. The extreme heat in some areas also may have caused some problems with the lines, according to SDG&E.

"Essentially we have two connections from the rest of the world: One of from the north and one is to the east. Both connections are severed," said the SDG&E official.

The FBI and SDG&E officials said the power outage is not related to the terror threat.

San Diego County spokesman Mike Workman said that his department was unaware to the cause of what was going on and he is "sending a representative to SDG&E right now."

The San Diego border along Mexico is still open, as U.S. Customs and Border Patrol are running on back up power.

The San Diego Airport is still open -- but there are no outbound flights. Some inbound flights are being delayed or diverted.

San Diego State University has closed for the day. No injuries from the school has been reported.

Roads are congested throughout the county as traffic lights are out. Motorists are stuck in a gridlock as SDG&E works to fix the problem.