Sarkozy Advisor Says French Bank Recapitalization "May Be Necessary"

A rather cryptic message from Sarkozy advisor Henri Guaino who, quoted by Bloomberg while speaking at an interview in Yerevan, Armenia said that the French government "isn't planning to take stakes in banks" and adding that "this isn't envisaged at the moment." At the moment no, but after the moment? He concluded with the ominous: "maybe a recapitalization will be necessary." So who will be the next Dexia? An inquiring market wants to know. And did the market, in its latest manifestation of Korsakoff syndrome, already forget that yesterday it was announced that 'France Has Prepared An Emergency "Just In Case" Nationalization Plan For "2 Or 3" Banks." But when the next bank implodes, a multi-trillion French one to be sure, everyone will be stunned, stunned, as usual.


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