Schrodinger Lisa Falcone... Or Why BusinessWeek May Want To Hire Better Fact Checkers

While we have long realized that under the 'New Normal' reality is widely in the eye of the beholder, especially if that beholder is an employee of some central planning authority, where good is good, bad is better, where "if things are serious, than you have to lie", and the result is that every 'fact' is both a wave and a particle at the same time regardless if observed with the wave-particle duality never collapsing (thus making a mockery of Schordinger's principles) little did we know that it also refers to the physical age of former 'prenup free' wives of one time hedge fund moguls, and now merely drugged, drunk drivers of (appropriately enough) GPS-impaired vehicles, which it appears can have a variance of 7 years in the span of 2 years... Read on.


From Business Week, September 16, 2010

Lisa Falcone is sitting at the head of a conference table, rapping to music by Swizz Beatz and waving her tanned arms above her head. She's meeting with the two employees of her fledgling company, Everest Entertainment. Just outside the room, her husband, Philip Falcone, is running his $9 billion hedge fund, Harbinger Capital, but that doesn't hold her back. She produced the song and sings along as it blasts from iPod speakers on the table: "Come on bitches, get your hands in the air, ugly bitches too, we don't care!"



Harbinger analysts walking by barely look up at Lisa, 41, who is striking in a low-cut leather dress and a huge diamond cross pendant. They know she's the boss's wife. Harbinger's young, blond British receptionist brings a tray with a mug of green tea for Lisa, who likes to point out that the space is as much hers as her husband's. "This is our office," she says. "Eighteen years and no prenup means family office."


Falcone is philosophical about the world she now inhabits. "I've taught my daughters to stop and smell the roses," she says. She glances around her living room. "This is all borrowed stuff," she says. "God kind of loans it to us, and somebody takes it afterward. Am I going to go to Heaven sitting on this couch?" she asks. "Do I take my house with me? No."... "I have a very good ear," she says. "But God gave me something that I'm better at than anyone else. And that's being me."

And Now:

From the Long Island Press, September 4, 2012... less than 2 years later.

At 2:25 p.m., 48-year-old Lisa Marie Falcone of Manhattan crashed her vehicle at the corner of Montauk Highway and Hayground Road in Bridgehampton, police said.

She was found to be to be under the influence of alcohol and prescription medication, police said.


Falcone was charged with driving while ability impaired by the combined influence of alcohol and drugs.

So... 41 in 2010, and 48 in 2012?

Or does the New Normal math also includes converting human years into dog years?