Short-Term ECB Dollar FX Swaps With Fed Soar To Highest Since December 2009

While Europe is once again experiencing one of its brief, manic episodes of inexplicable euphoria sending all risk assets in the continent higher while everyone is still on vacation (and ahead of a surge in Spanish bond issuance in September, which only spikes even more in 2013 - more shortly), its banks have quietly run out of dollars again. Certainly, looking at the now irrelevant metric known as Libor which indicates precisely nothing of significance, and merely allows banks to feel good about themselves, and which has been declining, one could imagine that banks have zero problems finding unsecured follar funding. One would also be absolutely wrong because as the most recent ECB and Fed data confirm, 7-day dollar swaps between the ECB and New York Fed - the only real sign of dollar funding scarcity - has risen to $9.3 billion in the current week, the highest since December 9, 2009. And with 10 banks bidding at the last USD operation, one can be sure that at least 10 European banks are suddenly hoping that the bout of euphoria continues for at least 2 more weeks so that the executives of these 10 dollar impaired banks can continues their vacation in peace, until the eye of the European hurricane passes starting September 1.