Short-Term Yields Going Negative As BoNY Announces It Will Charge 13 bps Fee On Deposits

The stunner in this morning's newsflow (the long, long overdue market collapse which is a much needed catalyst for QE3 should not surprise anyone), comes out of the WSJ which has just reported that the Bank of New York has informed institutional clients it will begin charging a fee of 13 bps on deposits in excess of 110% of the client's monthly average. This is nothing short of outright terrorism to get everyone out of cash and into fiat-based ponzi products. Such as Short Term Bills. Indeed, as was reported earlier the 3 Month bill just hit zero. But you ain't seen nothing yet. As Credit Suisse strategist Ira Jersey reports, courtesy of Bloomberg,  "If this is true then we’re likely to see short-end interest rates actually go negative. By what degree depends on who else follows and how much money is involved." Cue unpredictable consequences of a totally broken bond market. What happens next will likely make the market dislocations following Lehman like a breezy walk in the park.