A Slovak Twist: Slovakia's Sulik Announces EFSF Vote Has To Be Adopted By Constitutional Court First

With everyone so certain the Slovak EFSF vote passage was just a formality, it was only a matter of time before Richard Sulik's SaS threw a wrench in the best laid plans.... Sure enough, as of a few minutes ago, Sulik has announced that he is considering getting the constitutional court involved, a process which if anything will create an indefinite delay in the EFSF ratification, even assuming there is no additional doublecrossing of the outgoing PM Radicova involved.

An appropriate picture of Sulik giving the PMs head on a platter to the opposition party:

From SME.sk

Session of Parliament opened Richard Sulik after announced that he is considering voting on EFSF made to the Constitutional Court.

15:34 "government with Shas would the previous bad experience much more difficult," he said in parliament chairman Most-Hid Bela Bugar , which does not exclude cooperation. Who would be in addition to the CIS cooperation next year after the March elections early exclude, say.

15:31 Shorter term government Iveta Radi?ová passed for second reading. Members decided by 142 votes. Government proposal for constitutional law, which is discussed in the shortened legislative proceedings, now will go to committee.

The Chair declared a break to discuss the proposal before the second reading to 16.00 h. Members will then vote on the final version.

15:23 Sulík ended debate on the shortened legislative proceedings, the Government's proposal for early elections. Proposal passed, it will now discuss the committees. Currently teaches constitutional head of the committee Radoslav Prochazka (KDH), the very legislative changes shortening the election period.

15:12 MP spoke of Peter Rabbit OKS. He stressed that their voices fall on Iveta Radi?ová decided. "We could not find another form of saying that we are against eurovalu and the government as not to vote." Since many members have not earned a loud hissing.

15:05 MP Martin SaS Polia?ik presented a procedural motion to withdraw from the euro. This proposal, however, support only 27 members.

15:04 Radoslav Prochazka from KDH also believe that Sulík the Constitutional Court could succeed. "If this administration really goes, the presenters will be wrong."

15:03 The meeting was opened Sulík.

h/t Giorgio