So, Wait, Gold Is NOT Outperforming Stocks By 23% YTD?

Listening to all the mouth foaming commentary out of assorted TV channels and economics professors which have apparently suddenly woken up from their deep hibernation regarding the imminent death of the gold market, one could be left with the impression that gold was wiped out, collapsed, imploded and will never rise again. After all: what does it really bring to the table aside from complete lack of monetary dilutability and a safe haven to hundreds of trillions in derivative counterparty risk (in its physical form that is, as Celente recently found out), not to mention a hedge to human idiocy as Kyle Bass said a few days ago? Well nothing really... So we were shocked, shocked, when we ran a simple chart comparing the performance of gold and the S&P Year to Date to discover that outperforming by a margin of about 23% is... gold? Huh. But wait, the real safe haven are bonds many would say. After all, the US has no counterparty risk and it has prudent fiscal and monetary authorities. So how do they compare? Well, as of today: flat, with gold actually outperforming modestly. That's right - gold and the US long bond, even following the recent "drubbing" in gold have generated the same price return. So... what were we talking about again?

Gold vs ES:

and Gold vs the Long Bond:

Source: BBG