Soon To Be Former Treasury Secretary Geithner Subpoenaed Over Lehman Fail

In a late, and somewhat underplayed, story from the WSJ, it appears that we may finally get some answers on exactly what former-Treasury-Secretary-to-be Geithner knew and sanctioned in the lead up to the Lehman fail. More specifically how JPMorgan illegally siphoned billions of dollars from Lehman in the final days, potentially via Geithner's FRBNY-overseen tri-party repo market. We discussed this at length almost two years ago as the FRBNY was concerned at the ongoing risk of the market being structurally vulnerable to a repo run and furthermore why Lehman's suit against JPMorgan had grounds. Critically, with Geithner being the man at the helm of the entity that approved repo entry and exit and in the final stages clearly sided with JP Morgan as collateral calls rained down, it makes sense to at least find out what he knew and decided - under oath.