S&P Futures At Tipping Point On German Finmin Grexit Chatter

The market was just starting to digest the schizophrenic Durable Goods data when chatter broke of the German FINMIN discussing a 'temporary' GRExit. In other words, just like Mario Draghi could transmogrify the twilight zone into reality during Merkel's vacation, and spread unfounded rumors that Europe is fine, now that the Chancellor has returned, the rumors take on the other side of the equation, and the mice no longer can play. This pushed S&P futures below overnight lows (down about 5pts from Dur Goods), EUR down 40 more pips (-75pips from close), and 10Y Treasury yields dropped 3bps (down 6bps from their overnight open). As we stand S&P 500 futures appear poised at an important trend-line tipping point in this move as Draghi's dreams are delayed to mid September and the world stops believing - as there is market talk also that Netherlands, Finland, Slovakia and Estonia are said to back the German plan.

S&P 500 e-mini futures at trendline decision time (red arrow)...


EUR disappointed...


Elsewhere, this is the caption we have all been waiting for:


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