S&P Key Support Level: 1284; After That It Is Rough Sailing Until 1252

As ES tumbled to 1285, there is a good reason why it was instrumental to halt the drop because should the 200 DMA in the S&P get taken out, at about 1284, then say hello to the next support which is at the March and June swing low trendline of 1258. Then again, in order to get QE3, which by the way is the goal here once all the smoke and pizza boxes clear, the market does need to plunge as has been warned again and again. Alas, it has to drop by another 20% from here. So, all those who traditionally keep buying the dip in advance of anticipated Fed intervention sooner or later will have to eat their losses. And considering that America may be bankrupt as soon as Tuesday unless the Fed sells its gold, it will certainly be sooner. So as Asian dealers scramble, and Europe wakes up (can UniCredit make it a trifecta of trading halts? Why of course), with America to follow thereafter realizing its Q2 GDP was just 1.7% (and to be revised to 1.4% in 2 months), the race for QE3 finally is on with just one month until Jackson Hole.

h/t London Dude Trader


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