Spanish Bank Borrowings From ECB Surpass Italian, As Italy Sovereign Debt Hits Record €1.95 Trillion

Below we present two more charts for your rubbernecking pleasure. First, we observe the just released data showing Spanish bank borrowings from the ECB: at €287.8 billion, this was a €24 billion increase from April, €235 billion from a year earlier, and the highest ever. More importantly, as can be seen on the first chart below, for the first time since June of 2011, Spanish bank ECB borrowings increased to more than those of Italy, which at just €272.7 billion rose a mere €2 billion from April month (to a new record as well). In other words, both Italy and Spanish banks are now spurned by counterparties everywhere, but Spain's a little bit more than Italy's. Yet before Italy gloats, it bears reminding Italy that its own offsetting factor, and where it is weakest, its insane public debt, just hit a new record high of €1.95 trillion, pushing the country's debt to GDP ratio well into the 120%+ range.

Italian and Spanish ECB bank borrowings:

Italian sovereign debt: