Stocks Plunge, 10 Year At Record Low, Gold At Record High

Panic mode is fully back with stock plunging to Friday lows, while both gold and bonds are at records, 10 Year touching a record low 2.03%, the S&P plunging to Friday's lows and gold as is well known, back at all time highs. The catalyst: the same thing Zero Hedge reported yesterday, namely that one bank in Europe has a dire dollar squeeze (note not EUR) to the tune of $500 MM. The real market is thus now pricing in both hyperinflation and hyperdeflation at the same time, while the Fed's policy instrument, stocks, is now pricing in Lehman part deux (but don't nobody mention SocGen or the black choppers will come after you). As for those who followed Doug Kass' advice and bought XLF yesterday, we have four words: iShares Inverse Kass ETF.


10 Year:

Another look at bonds which continue pricing in the end of the world: