Summarizing Boehner's Latest TV Appearance

Less than an hour ago, Boehner had another TV appearance discussing his proposed plan. Judging by the networks' reaction even the general population is getting exhausted with this neverending soap. So here, courtesy of Bloomberg All, are the summary points he touched on. Nothing notable except for his assumption that the plan has a chance of passing both the House and the Senate, and that the house may vote on his plan as soon as Wednesday.

House Speaker John Boehner said his two-step plan to raise U.S. debt limit and cut spending can pass both chambers of Congress, and he hopes Obama would sign it.

  • Speaks after a meeting of House Republicans
  • Obama has said he would veto Boehner’s plan for short-term debt ceiling increase
  • Sen. Reid’s offers rival plan would extend debt ceiling to about 2013; says rating agencies have told him debt rating would not be cut under his plan
  • House may vote on Boehner plan as early as tomorrow; Reid said Senate vote on his plan would come “soon”



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