The Syntagma Square Riotcam Is Baaaaaack

You didn't think Athens would take to government plans to fire 120% of the working population quietly. As BLoomberg reports, Greeks walked off their jobs and as many as 20,000 marched through Athens’ central square to protest Prime Minister George Papandreou’s EU6.6b austerity plan. "They are blaming us, firing us with the result that we won’t be able to live," said Katerina Anastasopoulos, 53, who has worked at the Greek Transport Ministry for 28 years and joined the march on parliament. "They are taking away our livelihood, our life. We are all scared." The response, according to Reuters, was prompt: "Greek riot police fired teargas at a small group of rock-throwing youths on the central Syntagma Square in Athens, where thousands of striking workers marched to the parliament to protest against austerity measures on Wednesday."

For those who miss the laser pointed days of summer, here is the first live webcast of the day: