Things About To Turn Violent Again - Greece May Mobilize Police Against Striking Students And Teachers

Even as the three bureaucratic stooges from the Eurogroup mumbled something or another about kicking the Greek can down the road in the just concluded press conference indicating that Finland will indeed get the Greek collateral its desires, only it will be in the form of worthless Greek bonds that can not be touched for 15 or so years, we have a feeling that Greek society may soon take matters into its own hands, and with quite a terminal outcome at that. According to Kathimerini, the Deputy Education Minister Evi Christofilopoulou (henceforth known simply as Lud-E-Chris) has "suggested" that the police be mobilized to break up "hundreds of sit-ins at schools on Monday a few hours after hundreds of pupils protesting cutbacks clashed with riot officers in central Athens." And if people think that our own version of occupational protests is troubling, just wait until a country's protesting student body comprehends that its country has just sicced the police force against it.

From Kathimerini:

“Universities and schools are public places and as such police can enter them of their own accord,” Christofilopoulou told Kathimerini.


The number of sit-ins at secondary schools rose above 650 yesterday while the number of university faculties currently occupied has dwindled to just over 100.


Christofilopoulou added that a controversial scheme, finalized by the government on Monday, to put 30,000 civil servants on labor standby status, which would see them receiving a heavily docked wage for 12 months before early retirement or dismissal, would also apply to schoolteachers.


Unionists accused the ministry of “artificially inflating teacher numbers.”

Naturally, one can see why we are skeptical the Troika will have much can kicking to do: Greece may do it all for them. After all there is hardly an incident in history in which a country's police force being directed to subdue the same country's student body has ever led to anything particularly notable, and all such interventions have usually concluded peacefully and with all parties singing Kum Ba Yah.


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