Things That Make You Go Hmm, Such As Looking Back At The Key Events Of... 2012

With everyone and the kitchen sink busy sneaking away from the trading floor or holiday dinner to pen predictions for 2012 that will "hopefully" have a success rate of at least 50%+1 (or in Byron Wien's case, even just 1%), others such as Grant Williams have taken the opposite route, and in his latest Things that Make You Go Hmm, he has writen a retrospective, from the point of view of a man sitting on the edge of the end of the world, namely December 20, 2012, and looking back at the key events of the year. Among the primary "memories" of 2012 was the capitulation of Germany and the full backstop of the ECB of sovereign debt, the departure of Greece, Portugal and Spain from the Eurozone, the attack by the US of the Bushehr nuclear reactor leading to an oil price surge to $188 and $5 gas prices at the pump, the nail-biting electoral win of Hilary Clinton over Michael Bloomberg, the predicted but delayed municipal bond meltdown, the announcement of QE3 with $800 billion of MBS purchases in February followed by QE4 in which the Fed cut the rate on overnight reserves, this time however promptly followed by a spike in inflation, the parallel surge of gold to $2400, especially after the MF Global whistleblower revelation that gold had, after all, been manipulated all those years, the epic collapse of the Chinese housing market and the economy' hard sinking, and much, much more.

For the full "lookback", read Grant Williams' latest: