Things That Make You Go Hmmm - Such As Keeping It Real

Grant Williams summarizes: "So, keeping it real, what happens now? Well, the debt ceiling will get raised - most likely this weekend - and the usual photo-op of sycophants cheering and applauding behind a podium will be all over the news, but the raise will be just another step on the road to financial ruin for the United  States if it continues to layer fresh debt upon existing debt as a way to solve its problems and turns to printing presses and raised ceilings as the balm of choice. In this kick-the-can culture we now live in since the events of 2008, it’s never that difficult to figure out WHAT the powers-that-be will do (simple: whatever short-term fix involves the least short-term pain to banks and to their own chances of reelection), but it seems to be getting harder to ascertain WHEN they will do it. This is all well and good, except sooner or later they will wake up and find that the adults have decided enough is enough and they’ll vote with their money...So tell me - and keep it real - would YOU lend money to a country with THOSE debt dynamics that is being run by a bunch of incompetent, bickering grandstanders if it DIDN’T possess the world’s reserve currency? Me either."

Full Things That Make You Go Hmmm, July 31 edition (pdf)

Hmmm Jul 31 2011