Things That Make You Go Hmmm - Such As The Keystone Cops At The Helm Of The Eurozone

After the earlier sheer amusement from Jim O'Neill, we shift to pure entertainment of a more macabre variety, as Grant Williams submits his diary chronicling the last five days in the collapse of the Eurozone (and much more). "I am writing this piece on the Monday of a week in which the sheer number of potential catalysts in Europe is extraordinary and so, by way of a change, and as a social experiment of sorts, I am going to write this edition of Things That Make You Go Hmmm..... diary-style in order to catalogue a week’s worth of lack of cohesion, absence of unity, misalignment, mixed messages and u-turns as conjured up by the modern-day Keystone Cops at the helm of the Eurozone. This may mean we run a bit longer than usual, but you can always just read the days you care about... Hopefully I’ll see you all at the end of the week..."

Here are the people fighting for the survival of their jobs, their careers, and their legacy: 

Things that Make You Go Hmmm- September 11, 2011