"A Time For Choosing"

Earlier today we saw several republican candidates debate at the Ronald Reagan Library, to a general response that can best be described as disenchanted, and at worst: outright ridicule (don't get us wrong - this debate is the funniest thing in prime time entertainment until Obama's "This time Keynesianism will work, I promise" aka "Change you can bereave in" speech tomorrow). So speaking of Ronald Regan we decided we would present to our readers this 30 minute clip from a televised address for the 1964 Goldwater presidential campaign. What is most eerie is that the adverse conditions described by Reagan then are almost identically comparable to those in our current deplorable state, nearly half a century later. What is also just as eerie, although probably not surprising, is that while the GOP debates induced mostly a sense of loathing (either for the self, or others), speeches such as this, which actually force the listener to stop and think, are truly a rarity nowadays. Perhaps America should first ask itself what happened to real leadership and real leaders, those it can be proud of, before it rushes headlong to elect the next one.

And just the cliff notes on topic number 1: central planning