Time To Fade Byron Wien Again: Here Are Brontosaurus Rex' Predictions For 2012

The abysmal hit rate of Byron Wien's predictions over the past several years (ostensibly since the inception of this silly practice nearly three decades ago) has been the source of much laughter on the pages of Zero Hedge: see here and here. It has also been the source of much profit, due to the Blackstone Vice Chairman's uncanny ability to bat just over 0.000 with laser-guided precision and consistency. Below, as reported by Bloomberg, are the latest set of forecasts which are to be faded with impunity as soon as is possible.

  • S&P to rise over 1,400 in 2012
  • Oil Prices at $85/barrell in 2012
    • US Becomes less dependent on Middle East supply in 2012
  • Real growth to exceed 3%, unemployment will be below 8%
  • Democrats take House in 2012, lose Senate
  • Obama to run versus Romney in 2012
  • Greece will have major debt restructuring in 2012
  • The Computer will be the "principal weapon of terrorists" in 2012
    • Temporary bank closures on hacking in 2012
  • Italy to have "voluntary" restructuring in 2012
  • US defense, medicare to be cut significantly in 2012
  • Spain/Ireland will strengthen finances in 2012
  • Scandinavian/Australian currencies will benefit in 2012
  • China, Brazil, India indexes will appreciate 15-20%
  • Gold may rebound to $1,800 during the year
  • The yield on the 10 Year may rise to 4% in 2012

In other words, the usual set of permabullish drivel, mixed in with one or two realistic scenarios. Par for the course for the man whose words have become a joke to everyone but himself.