Tottenham Burning - Live Feed

Watch the Skynews webcast from Tottenham whose mains street is currently up in flames not due to a victory over Man U, but after rioting and looting broke out earlier to supposedly express anger over the accidental shooting of a man on Tuesday, although nobody is really sure for the reasons.

The Guardian with the story:

Two police patrol cars, a passenger bus and several shops were attacked and set alight in north London as violence erupted.


By 10.30pm, Tottenham High Road had been taken over by rioters, with two police cars on fire, a number of shops looted and a building ablaze.


Debris from a looted police station lay strewn across the pavement.


The rioters, mostly teenagers, some of whom had covered their faces with scarves, hurled bricks, bottles and eggs at police. Shopping trolleys had been used to charge at police, who appeared heavily outnumbered.


The violence broke out at dusk after approximately 120 people marched on Tottenham police station to express anger over the death of local man Mark Duggan on Thursday.


A Metropolitan police spokesman said the trouble began when "missiles" were thrown at parked patrol cars at 8.30pm. He said one was pushed, blazing, into the middle of Tottenham High Street. Neither of the two officers who had been driving the cars were injured.


Attempts by police to gain some control succeeded by 11.30pm, as they cleared an area of the street with the worst fires, allowing two fire engines onto the street.


The rest of the area remained in the control of rioters, who gathered along side-streets, some carrying sticks.


Most of the crowd consisted of onlookers, who jeered at police vans as they arrived. There were chants of "we want answers" and "whose streets? Our streets". A number of shops had been looted, including a music shop and an electrical and hi-fi store.


Youths were seen fleeing the street carrying TVs and stereos. One young man, in his early teens, wheeled a shopping trolley laden with stolen items. A general store and a florist had also been broken into.


A Turkish corner store had stacked boxes of bottled mineral water outside its windows to hold the looters at bay.


Officers from the Territorial Support Group were on the scene, charging at rioters and attempting to block off side streets. Riot police, some with dogs,

shepherded people away.


Police on horseback also attended the scene, along with reinforcements from the City of London police. A police helicopter hovered above.


Although the police were aware of increased tensions in the area since the death of Duggan, Watson said they had no warning that a riot would break out.


Police were unable to confirm whether the violence was connected to outrage over the death of Duggan, 29, who was shot in a police anti-firearms operation in Tottenham.

Who knows, perhaps the rioting broke out just because. The same reason it will when prime time US TV stations run out of frontal lobotomy replacements and the people actually wake up to the complete socio-economic collapse that is currently raging throughout the "developed" world.

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