Twitter Wars: The German Empire Strikes Back: From #StopMerkel To #StoppESM

It was only a matter of time before the stoic Germans, long abused as the piggy bank pinatas of Europe's monetary experiment, said something. And after last week's confused Spanish campaign demanding that Merkel stop (what exactly - bailing out the Spanish banks? Funding Spanish current account deficits?), Germany has found its retort. As of a few hours ago, the German empire has decided to strike back using the #StoppESM hashtag on twitter. Are we about to have our first European twitter war? And while we know what the hashtag for Greece wil be (#StopTaxes), and Ireland (#StopSobriety), we have yet to figure out the appropriate terms for all the other insolvent European countries. There are many.

For now the campaign is modest, as it is sourced by people not on the receiving end of the Second Great October Revolution. We expect that, with typical German efficiency, it will only pick up steam and traction with time, instead of burning out promptly and fizzling into obscurity.